We buy houses with tenants

We buy houses with hostile tenants, bad tenants, squatters and we deal with all of it. If you want to sell and don’t want to evict, we buy any house in any situation!


    We help landlords sell houses with tenants. If you have one or hundreds of investment properties that you want to sell, we would love to make you an offer to purchase them. Even if the tenants stopped paying rent! Even if they are hostile!


    We’ve optimized the rental home selling process to avoid all the headache that comes with selling the old school way.

    STEP 1

    Request your offer online, no prep work or showings.

    STEP 2

    We will contact you right away to set up a quick appointment.

    STEP 3

    We will provide you with a fair cash offer.

    STEP 4

    We will close on your preferred timeline!

    $ 34,000,000 +

    worth of rental houses were already bought.
    We know how to help investor landlords better than anybody.

    Why investors/landlords choose
    Patriot Cash Offer to sell investment properties

    We buy houses for cash so we do it 5X
    faster than anyone.

    No cleaning, repairs, staging, listing, evictions
    or Realtors.

    We buy houses in any condition or situation and guarantee
    we can close.

    Why Selling to Patriot Cash Offer
    is Better

    Selling w/ An Agent SOLD To PCO
    Commissions / Fees: 6% on average is paid by you, the seller NONE
    Who Pays Closing Costs?: 2% on average is paid by you,the seller NONE. We pay all costs
    Contingencies*: Yes. Also concessions. NONE
    Appraisal Needed: Sale is subject to appraisal NONE. We make cash offers
    Average Days Until Sold: 14-90 Days Average FAST CASH OFFER
    Number of Showings: It Depends Just Us
    Closing Date: 45-90 days after accepting offer The date of YOUR choice
    Who Pays For Repairs?: Manage repairs YOURSELF We pay for ALL repairs

    We buy rental houses in anywhere in the United States!

    15,000+ offers

    and thousands of happy landlords/sellers who improved or removed their rental portfolio.

    9 out of 10 landlords who
    sell to Patriot Cash Offer recommend us

    When I decided to retire, I wanted to retire completely. That meant no more landlord duties. I tried to list my properties with agents, but most buyers needed the tenants out. I reached out to other investors and found Patriot Cash Offer was willing to buy the homes and keep the tenants. I call that a win-win-win!

    Rodney B.

    Dealing with squatters is never fun! When a tenant stops paying, it can be troublesome going through the eviction process. This time, I decided it wasn’t worth it. The property was in the wrong area for me anyways. I sold it to Patriot Cash Offer and they did the eviction and rehab so I didn’t have to!

    Mark K.

    We decided to move to another state and I didn’t want to hold rentals that would require a commute. Selling with tenants is usually a struggle, but a friend recommended Patriot Cash Offer. One phone call was all it took to agree on a price and get a contract to purchase. The easiest selling experience ever!!!

    Richard B.

    Contact us today!

    We LOVE buying homes with tenants! We buy them daily and will take care of the tenants for you. Our process is fast and convenient!