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Patriot Cash Offer is a real estate investment company that buys houses nationwide. We provide a compelling offer for your house, irrespective of its condition or location. What’s more, you won’t have to pay any fees or commissions.



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    We contact you for a quick appointment.


    Receive a cash offer for your house.


    You should receive a cash offer within 24 hours of providing your house address. However, it could take as little as eight minutes if you include pictures of your property. We try to quickly close deals when clients accept our offer. That means you could have the cash in your hand between 3 to 30 days.


    sell your house the easy way. straight to the end buyer such as Patriot Cash Offer. We buy houses as-is

    Selling Your House is Easier than Ever

    We buy houses nationwide, from California to Michigan.
    Since we’re not realtors, we don’t list homes on the MLS. In other words, we’re home investors that buy houses across the country directly from owners.
    That means we’ll not only close fast, but you’ll also receive a cash offer for your property. What’s more, you’ll get 100 percent of the cash offer — no fees, commissions, or closing costs.
    Unlike real estate agents, we buy houses as-is. Whether you’re looking to sell distressed properties or homes that need repairs, you won’t have to pay from your pocket.
    We even buy hoarder houses.

    Why You Should Your Sell House to Us

    Speedy Transaction

    We offer the quickest way to sell your house — regardless of its condition or location. As a real estate investment company, we don’t waste time on mortgage approvals. As such, you can receive 100 percent of the offer on your property after a brief inspection. 

    Experienced Real Estate Investors

    Our in-depth understanding of the real estate market makes us the perfect buyers for your property. Thanks to our long-term buy-and-hold strategy, clients can enjoy one of the most competitive cash offers on the market. 

    Client Satisfaction

    We prioritize client satisfaction. It’s why our home buying process is more hassle-free than any real estate agent. What’s more, you won’t have to worry about the headaches that come with MLS listings. 

    We Pay Cash for Homes Nationwide

    Again, we’re not realtors. As a result, you won’t have to pay any commission for selling your house to us. That’s right — our offer is free and without obligation. It also means no open houses, online listings, or yard sales. 

    Here are the most frequently asked questions:

    • How does our buying process work?
    • What do we consider when we buy houses nationwide?
    • How do we calculate a cash offer on your property?
    • What details do we look at when purchasing a house?
    • How long does the process take?

    Keep reading for the answers to these questions and more.

    sold to Patriot Cash Offer

    How Does our Buying Process Work? 


    We offer home sellers cash for their properties and with zero conditions. Indeed, it’s as simple as it sounds. Here’s the breakdown.

    • Fill out the form above — include name, contact, and property address.
    • Alternatively, you could call us to get in touch with our representative.
    • Our team comes in to evaluate your property and reaches a valuation.

    We use that information to make the best cash offer. 

    home buyer buying houses while holding a model of a house

    What do we consider when we buy houses nationwide?

    Thanks to our wealth of experience at assessing house values, we always provide the quote in the real estate market. Here are some factors that we consider when buying a property.

    • NWhy do you want to sell your house?
    • NYour home’s condition
    • NHow quickly do you wish to sell your house?

    We use that information to make the best cash offer.


    How do we Calculate a Cash Offer on Your Property? 


    Now let’s address the reason you clicked on the site in the first place. So, the question is: “How much will I get for my house?” Well, the answer depends entirely on our home buying formula. 

    Our House Buying Formula

    Our formula relies on four primary factors — ARV, repairs, transaction cost, and minimum profit. Its: 

    ARV – Repairs – Transactions Cost – Minimum Profit = Your Cash Offer


    ARV is an acronym for After Repair Value. It describes what your home’s value would be if it doesn’t require repairs or deferred maintenance. In other words, ARV is the retail value of your home if it was move-in ready. 



    The scope of home repair varies from one house to another. Furthermore, it’s not always easy to discover at first glance. For example, you could discover foundation issues when changing the flooring. Similarly, we may find plumbing issues while remodeling a bathroom. 

    The bottom line is we can close the deal quickly when we’re sure of the repairs. Not only will it mitigate our risk, but it ensures that you get the best offer for your house. 


    Transaction Costs

    The transaction cost could cost anything around 15 percent of our total cost. 

    We can break the transaction cost down into two primary categories — the loan cost and realtor fees. The former is 2 to 5 percent of our total expense on each rehab cost, which we pay to our lender. 

    Also, the loan cost usually includes monthly loan payments and loan origination fees. Meanwhile, the realtor fees are an average of about 5 percent. 


    Minimum Profit

    The minimum profit refers to our financial gains from selling your house. Indeed, that ranges from 10 to 15 percent. That way, we’ll have some form of price protection against market swings. 


    Cash Offer on Your House

    Adding up our transaction cost to the minimum cost brings the percentage to 30 percent. As a result, a simplified version of our home buying formula would be: 

    ARV – 30 percent – Repairs = Your Cash Offer

    As you can see, our property buying process is as transparent as ever. In other words, you’ll get 100 percent of the offer — no hidden cost.


    See what we can offer you for your house…

    What Details Do We Look At When Buying Houses?

    • Condition: We consider the repairs and upgrades required to bring your house up to its ARV. These include the roof, plumbing, bathroom, kitchen, HVAC, to name a few.
    • Situation: We also consider the property’s condition before buying the house. For example, are there any liens on the property? Also, what’s the timeframe to sell to us?
    • Mortgage: We want our home sellers to walk away with as much cash as possible. As you can imagine, that can’t happen if you owe too much money on the property.
    • Tenants: When you exchange your house for cash, we’re not only getting your property but the tenants too. The problem is a bad tenant can cost us money and time. What’s more, evicting a bad tenant can take up to a year.

    How Long Does Our Buying Process Take?


    We close our deals as fast as possible. At Patriot Cash Offer, we work tirelessly to anticipate potential obstacles. That way, you can sell your house as fast as possible. 

    get started

    We start working as soon as you accept our offer. That means collecting everything that the title company requires — agreement to purchase and our Earnest Money Deposit (EMD). At the same time, we would anticipate and address any potential issues. 


    The title company ensures that the title is clear and transferable. Indeed, the company works to resolve issues to ensure a smooth experience. Meanwhile, we would work to secure funds for the purchase. We would also be inspecting the property. 


    We close the deal on your home. That means you would be getting cash in exchange for your house. Furthermore, the entire process could take as little as 14 to 28 days. 

    If you are interested in getting your free offer, please contact us today!

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